Born in North Carolina to a redheaded breakdancer and a Filipina immigrant pianist, Jean-Luc Swift’s upbringing was defined by an ever-shifting radio, changing frequently from folk to hip-hop, country to classical, from jazz to rock.


His life so defined by mixed cultures, Jean-Luc rejects genre conventions and remixes his own thoughtful collage of wispy grooves, poetic timbres, and the most vibrant of colors. This genre-bending style is indeed a breath of fresh air.

Jean-Luc on Sun Root!

“Having grown up with a breakdancer for a father, I wanted to write something that my dad could dance to. The song just happened to also be inspired by his story as a dancer and father. It went through maybe 12 or so iterations before I brought the basic structure to my band, and then finally in the studio we found and settled into a wonderfully soothing groove. When it was finished, I sent it to my dad and asked him to send me a different video of himself dancing to it every day for a week, and he was so excited that he ended up sending me like 30 videos and that became the music video. It was great to collaborate with him for the first time.”

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