Born in North Carolina to a redheaded-Dylan-loving-breakdancing father and pianist-Filipina-immigrant mother, Jean-Luc Swift is a collage of influences and a sentimental student of his roots.


He approaches the spirit of radio folk pop with an ear attuned to the art of the masters. Swift works hard: he writes a new tune every week, often two, sweating over each one, and polishing them with his band until satisfied. Every chord stokes a tranquil sense of reason in the world, a nostalgia that rises from the rigor of a casual perfectionism. The tranquil composure and freewheeling attitude in every song belies the sheer craftsmanship and time spent on it. He has no problem making it look easy, though, because his drive and passion comes from the love of a great lick in the bridge, or a galloping swing.


Jean-Luc moved to New York permanently in 2019 after two years of commuting between film school in North Carolina and working on sets in New York City. Film provides the creative engine at the core of his creative process, his music a highly concentrated fusion of rural Americana, New York Folk, and the attitude of French New Wave filmmakers in mid-century Paris. Always, the venture into a picturesque landscape is the thrust of his style, and he makes sure to exact the composition of a camera shot in his lyrical melodies.